Fire Museum Presents:

Jooklo Duo

Keir Neuringer/Julius Masri duo

Saturday, June 13th 8:00 PM
First Banana
2152 E Dauphin St
Philadelphia, PA
$7-10 sliding scale

Jooklo Duo (Italy):

Deeply down, if you have the courage to explore the most hidden lands of the universal energy, you arrive at some point where you just know that Souls are so ancient that you’re just prepared to everything the Uncreated Force is going to bring you. Sometimes you expect something, and something else arrives. That’s the way in which the One around and over here is bringing inner harmony to the Cosmo order, continuously giving us lessons through an incredibly high sense of humor. What we all need is Peace, and there’s no Peace until there are boundaries inside us. Reaching redemption and salvation. “Music is the key”, and when the gates open showing the reign of what is over the game of contrasts, you can be scared or joyful. But at the same time you’ll be experimenting the rules of freedom of the unpredictable Light. We just try to do our best as walking messengers of what is on the other side of the Gates, as many others has done during the immesaurable story of the Circle of Souls. Music is the word of us, creatures of the air

Born 1984 in Italy, Virginia Genta is self-taught and plays saxophone (tenor, soprano, baritone, alto), flutes, clarinet, plus some percussion and keyboards. Since 2003 she’s been working with drummer and percussionist David Vanzan in several projects such as Jooklo Duo, Neokarma Jooklo Trio (or Sextet, Octet, Experience), Golden Jooklo Age, and the Jooklo Finnish Quartet. She started playing music from improvisation while quite young, and has always been moving in the music cosmos with a deep, natural and spontaneous approach to creation, constantly working to find the highest way of expression connected to the oneness of universe. Besides this, the devotion of Virginia finds freedom also through drawings and illustrations. A restless activity during the past few years (about 400 concerts and a countless amount of recording sessions, some of those released on labels like Qbico, Conspiracy, and her own Troglosound), brought her to collaborations with musicians like Chris Corsano, Paul Flaherty, Bill Nace, Sonny Simmons, Daniel Carter, Sabir Mateen, John Blum, John Paul Jones (Led Zeppelin), Takehisa Kosugi (Taj Mahal Travellers), Merce Cunningham Dance Company, Sonic Youth, Hartmut Geerken, Famodou Don Moye, Makoto Kawabata, Andrew Barker, Muruga Booker, Raymond Strid, Giorgio Pacorig, among others. - Northern Spy Records

Keir Neuringer/Julius Masri Duo (Philadelphia):

Keir Neuringer composes and improvises acoustic and electronic music, writes socio-political performance texts and essays, and creates interdisciplinary artworks, all with the aim of bringing audiences into a state of emotional and intellectual curiosity that meets the conditions for meaningful dialogue with, and transformation of, the culture at large. He has cultivated a personal and intensely physical approach to solo saxophone improvisation, plays analogue electronics and Farfisa organ, and sings and narrates text. Among his collaborators are musicians, composers, ensembles, theater makers and choreographers in Europe and North America. He has been an active participant in the experimental music scenes in Krakow, The Hague, Amsterdam, and Upstate New York. He travels widely to present his work, and currently lives in Philadelphia.

Julius Masri, born in Lebanon, started playing music state side in the early 90s. He attended Bard College where he studied composition with Joan Tower, percussion with Thurman Barker (AACM), and experimental sonic improvisation with Richard Teitelbaum (MEV). Aside from focusing on trap set and circuit bent electronics, Julius stays up late at night worrying about the gray space between the immediate transcending experience of sonic phenomenon, the immediate aural complacency when confronting idiomatic music, and the attempt to reconcile both worlds in the most uncomfortable fashion possible. He currently performs in Chakra Khan/Air Pirates, Electric Simcha, TinMouth, Q-1, as well as many pickup projects with creative people in any number of artistic denominations. Julius is an Aries, and loathes walks on the beach.

Fire Museum Presents:

John Ingle/Dan Joseph Duo

Ashley Tini

Thursday, June 18th 7:30 PM
Random Tea Room & Curiosity Shop
713 N. 4th Street
Philadelphia, PA
$7-10 sliding scale

John Ingle/Dan Josph Duo (San Francisco/NYC):

New music for saxophone and hammer dulcimer

John Ingle (San Francisco) and Dan Joseph (New York) have collaborated since the late 1990s, developing a unique style of pattern-based improvisation and collaborative composition. With the unusual instrumentation of alto saxophone and hammer dulcimer, their music is built upon fixed modes and simple melodic figures from which they develop and improvise their collaborative works. With a sound combining elements of minimalism, free jazz and Indian raga, they have developed a devoted following in the Bay Area where their collaboration began. They have appeared at New Langton Arts, the Headlands Center for the Arts, the Berkeley Arts Center, Knitting Factory Los Angeles and other California venues. In New York they have performed at Roulette, Issue Project Room and the other venues. Their CD trancepatterns with guests India Cooke, violin, and Miya Masaoka, laser-koto, is available from the Deep Listening Catalog and in digital form from Mutable Music.

Ashley Tini (Philadelphia):

Ashley Tini is a versatile performer and collaborator who especially enjoys promoting collaboration within music communities. Ashley has premiered dozens of contemporary solo and chamber pieces, performing at venues ranging from The Stone to Carnegie Hall. As a global music advocate, she has researched the traditions of West Africa, South America, Italy and the Balkans. She believes that the language of chamber music across cultures can inspire the development of new music paradigms. Ashley has worked with noted composers Steve Reich, Pauline Oliveros, Michael Torke, Susie Ibarra, Matthew Welch and So Percussion, and has recorded for the Naxos, Ecstatic, Constellation, and High Two record labels. Together with percussionist Emily Strachan, she regularly performs and commissions new work through their chamber-duo; Duomo . Ashley holds a Bachelors of Music in performance from The University of Kansas, where she studied with Ji Hye Jung.

Alabaster Museum Presents:

Tashi Dorji


Shaina Kapeluck

Monday, June 22nd 8:00 PM
First Banana
2152 E Dauphin St
Philadelphia, PA
$7-10 sliding scale

Tashi Dorji (Asheville, N.C.):

A Bhutanese guitarist now residing in Asheville, NC, Tashi Dorji makes meticulously crafted sounds that conjure spirits, wrestle demons and tame wild beast. As beautiful as they are cerebral , his acoustic works are reminiscent of Derek Bailey`s free improvisations, flamenco and Fahey`s Americana. - bio

"Tashi Dorji was born in Bhutan and started playing guitar as a teenager, a time when access to most media was highly restricted. Originally influenced by flamenco and classical music he heard on shortwave radio, and by bootleg tapes brought in from India, after Dorji moved to the US he discovered the music of Albert Ayler, John Zorn and Derek Bailey – the latter's particular take on Dixieland proving to be a formative influence." - The Wire

Dunums (Greensboro, N.C.):

Dunums is composer and multi-instrumentalist Sijal Nasralla. In Arabic, the word “dunum” is the most arbitrary unit of land measurement, used to quantify spaces differently by farming communities of the Levant.  In Dunums, Nasralla draws from his background as an experimental guitarist to explore new terrain, pushing boundaries and exploring his own identity as a Palestinian raised in America. The result is unique. Ambient drones and lively guitar riffs pierce through dystopian yet tender walls of noise. Feelings of surreal, vast emptiness are suffused with sunlight. Nasralla weaves rhythm, sound and mood to create an innovative new medium through which solidarity with Palestine can be expressed. - bio

Shaina Kapeluck (Philadelphia):

Formerly of The New Heaven And The New Earth, Br'er and other bands closely related to the Edible Onion label, Shaina starts the evening off with a set of old English ballads performed both a cappella and accompanied .

Fire Museum Presents:

Jessica Pavone

Rosie Langabeer

Jesse Kenas-Collins/ Flandrew Fleisenberg duo

Sunday, June 28th 7:30 PM
Random Tea Room & Curiosity Shop
2152 E Dauphin St
Philadelphia, PA
$7-10 sliding scale

Jessica Pavone (NYC):

Jessica Pavone (composer, viola, violin, el.bass) has performed in countless improvisation, avant jazz, experimental, folk, soul, and chamber ensembles since moving to NYC in 2000. She currently plays with Normal Love, in a duo with guitarist Mary Halvorson, with Anthony Braxton's ensembles and as a solo violist. As a composer, The Wire magazine praised her “ability to transform a naked tonal gesture into something special,” and The New York Times described her music as "distinct and beguiling...its core is steely, and its execution clear."

Pavone’s recent works for solo viola and voice stem from years of concentrated long tone practice and an interest in repetition, song form, and sympathetic vibration. She combines her long tone rituals with delay, understated melodies and sparse lyrical content while continuously experimenting with new forms. She is interested in the physicality of performing her somewhat larger-than-comfortable instrument and believes that cultivating physical bodies as a strong container for her thoughts is part of the creative process.

As an instrumentalist, she has personally worked with and interpreted new music by; Aaron Seigel, Andrew Raffo Dewar, Elliott Sharp, Glenn Branca, Henry Threadgill, Leo Smith, Jason Ajemian, Jason Cady, Jeremiah Cymerman, John King, Matana Roberts, Matthew Welch, Tristan Perich, Tyondai Braxton and William Parker; and, has played strings in bands such as Christy and Emily, Pure Horsehair, White Blue Yellow and Clouds, Joy Mega, and The Artificials.

Rosie Langabeer (Philadelphia/New Zealand.):

Rosie Langabeer is an award wining composer, experimental musician and instigator with a taste for things that teeter on the intersection of the serious and the absurd. Langabeer composes regularly for theatre, dance and musical ensembles of various sizes and has performed extensively in NZ and internationally throughout the USA (2010 – 2013), the UK (2013), Mexico City (2010) and France (2005).

Highly sought after for interdisciplinary creative arts projects, Langabeer’s compositional approach approach is responsive to the unique skills and qualities of her collaborators. Her methods are experimental with a large focus on social dynamics and improvisation; catalyzing local music communities and enhancing the development of new work. Langabeer has received numerous commissions including the Bowerbird Sound Sculpture Commission for Design Philadelphia (2012) and Wilma Theatre/Ballet X Commission for the Philadelphia International Festival of the Arts (2011). Recent festival appearances include Bowerbird’s John Cage Festival (USA, 2013), Philadelphia International Festival of the Arts (2011, 2013). Her list of collaborators include: Pig Iron Theatre Company (USA), Matthew Neenan and BalletX (USA), Neil Feather (USA), Elliot Levine (USA), Jack Wright (USA), Bowerbird (USA), No Face Performance Group (USA), Subcircle Dance Theatre (USA), Awkward Productions, Ake Ake Theatre Company, Alyx Duncan, Jeff Henderson, Briar March, Carol Brown, Chris O’Connor and Jenny MacArthur.

Jesse Kenas-Collins/Flandrew Fleisenberg (Boston/Philadelphia):

Spending the past couple of years playing in improvised groups around Boston, Jesse Kenas-Collins (trumpet) has come to value both the sonic and social importance of such work. Improvising with others functions both as art and on some level as a form of group therapy. He is a member of Deleuzer and many other ad hoc ensembles.

flandrew fleisenberg plays percussion on an ever changing assortment of ephemera and modified drum parts coaxing texture and tone both familiar and bizarre. Attentive to room resonance, ambience and collaborator, fleisenberg playfully utilizes sound and presence to explore space, time, and relationships. A graduate of the School of the Museum of Fine Arts (Boston) with a focus in conceptual art, he is musically self-taught and has developed a cadre of idiosyncratic techniques that are all his own. flandrew has been involved in the improvised and creative music community since 2001 performing solo, in ad-hoc improv groupings, and in set projects. A recent migrant to Philadelphia, fleisenberg is an active producer and advocate of improvised and experimental music and dance across the region.


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