Fire Museum Presents :

Tatsuya Nakatani

Solo and trio performance with

Mike Bullock (bass) &

Hannah Judd cello

Thursday, September 10th 8:00 PM
Pageant : Soloveev Gallery
607 Bainbridge St
Philadelphia, PA
$7-10 sliding scale

Tatsuya Nakatani (Easton, PA) :

Tatsuya Nakatani is a creative artist / percussionist originally from Osaka, Japan who has released over sixty recordings in North America and Europe. Residing in the USA since 1994 he has performed countless solo percussion concerts and has collaborated with hundreds of artists in international music festivals, university concert halls, art museums and galleries. His latest project is the Nakatani Gong Orchestra, which builds community ensembles performing on multiple bowed gongs under his direction, as recently presented at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C.

Nakatani's constant touring fosters the raw and fresh quality in his music, which can only survive through an open willingness to share energy, culture, music and self on a global human scale. His master classes and workshops at schools and universities, emphasize his unique musical approach and philosophy in creating visceral, non-linear music.

He has created his own instrumentation, effectively inventing many instruments and extended techniques. He utilizes drums, gongs, cymbals, singing bowls, metal objects, bells, and various sticks and bows to create an intense, intuitively primitive, expressive music of unusually strong spirit that defies category or genre. His music is based in improvised/ experimental music, jazz, free jazz, rock, and noise, yet retains the sense of space and beauty found in traditional Japanese folk music.

Mike Bullock (Philadelphia) :

Mike Bullock is a composer and intermedia artist based in Philadelphia, PA. He works with modular synthesizers, computer sound and video, contrabass, and drawing.

He has performed across the US and in Europe, at venues such as Philadelphia Museum of Art; Fylkingen in Stockholm, Sweden; ISSUE Project Room in Brooklyn; and EMPAC in Troy, NY. Collaborators include King Britt, HPrizm, Bertrand Gauguet, Andy Guhl, Mazen Kerbaj, Pauline Oliveros, Bhob Rainey, Steve Roden, Keith Rowe, and Christian Wolff.

Mike has taught and lectured in the US and abroad on field recording and improvisation, and teaches courses in electronic and computer music at Ramapo College in New Jersey.

Hannah Judd (Philadelphia):

Hannah Judd is an experimental cellist and improviser. She is a junior and music major at the University of Pennsylvania, specializing in composition and ethnomusicology. Besides solo music, she is 1/2 of the experimental duo Sensitive Inner Thoughts and plays in various folk, classical and jazz side projects.

Fire Museum Presents :

Rafael Toral

Rosie Langabeer


Monday, September 21st 8:00 PM
Aux Performance Space at
Vox Populi Gallery
319 N. 11th St., 3rd Floor
Philadelphia, PA
$7-10 sliding scale

Rafael Toral (Portugal) :

Rafael Toral plays electronic music today as a jazz musician would play his instrument, applying jazz discipline and working practices to his abstract electronics. The result is truly evolutionary music, once described as "a brand of electronic music far more visceral and emotive than that of his cerebral peers". Melodic without notes, rhythmic without a beat, familiar but strange, meticulous but radically free, it is riddled with interesting paradox. Toral has developed a musical system to physically play experimental electronic instruments and puts it to practice with large-scale project Space Program - a complex network of recordings and performances to deliver music that is full of clarity and space, articulating silence and sound in a thoughtful, yet physical way.

Formerly known for his drone/ ambient work with guitar and electronics and acclaimed records such as Wave Field (1994) or Violence of Discovery and Calm of Acceptance (2000), he has radically renewed his approach to music, launching the jazz-inspired and alien-sounding Space Program in 2004, using experimental electronic instruments.

Toral's long time connection with Sei Miguel is central to the development of the Space Program. Other collaborations include Jim O'Rourke, Evan Parker, John Edwards, Joe Morris, Tatsuya Nakatani, Chris Corsano, Manuel Mota, David Toop, Alvin Lucier, John Zorn, Phill Niblock, Christian Marclay, Sonic Youth, Joao Paulo Feliciano, Rhys Chatham, Lee Ranaldo, C Spencer Yeh, Dean Roberts... In 1998 he became a member of MIMEO electronic orchestra. Its other members are Keith Rowe, Thomas Lehn, Kaffe Matthews, Marcus Schmickler, Jerome Noetinger, Christian Fennesz, Peter Rehberg, Gert-Jan Prins, Cor Fuhler and Phil Durrant. Since 2008 he directs the Space Collective, a slowly developing orchestral group.

Rosie Langabeer (Philadelphia) :

Rosie Langabeer is a multi-award-winning composer, musician and teaching artist from Aotearoa New Zealand who works internationally, specializing in experimental arts processes across disciplines. She has collaborated with countless musicians, artists, dancers and directors including Leslie Rogers, Motoko Kikkawa, Isaac Smith, Pig Iron Theatre Company, BalletX, Dr. Sum Suraweera, Jeff Henderson, No Face Performance Group and Awkward Productions. Langabeer has performed throughout Aotearoa New Zealand, USA, Mexico, France, Japan, Sri Lanka and the UK and also plays in too many bands including: Super Meow (Sri Lanka), Totally Super Pregnant (Philadelphia), Zirkus (NZ), The Ooze (Baltimore), Solid Bronze Hits (Philadelphia) and The Wellington Most Famous Orchestra of Miraculous Delights (NZ).

Unguent (Philadelphia):

"Philadelphia's Lance Simmons, previously of the Dick Neff and Mirror Men projects, brings us his newest solo endeavor, Unguent. "Dust Desk" is a long confounding journey through a parched audio desert ripe with mental illness. Queasy squiggling synth lines float in front of a mirage of mellow and soothing loops, briefly suggesting melodies before collapsing back into a pool of demented buffoonery." - Tomentosa

Fire Museum Presents :



George Korein & The Spleen

Thursday, September 24th 8:00 PM
Aux Performance Space at
Vox Populi Gallery
319 N. 11th St., 3rd Floor
Philadelphia, PA
$7-10 sliding scale

Grex (Oakland, CA) :

Grex's creative derring-do has led to gigs with other like-minded musicians, including Fred Frith (and his band Cosa Brava), Kronos Quartet, Tony Levin (Stick Men), Eddie Gale (Sun Ra, Cecil Taylor), Scott Amendola (TJ Kirk), Ben Goldberg, Martin Bisi, Vinny Golia, Lewis Jordan (United Front), Moe! Staiano (Sleepytime Gorilla Museum), and Francis Wong (co-founder of Asian Improv aRts), and concerts at venues as far reaching as the Great American Music Hall (SF), Slim's (SF), Switchboard Festival (SF), New Frequencies Festival (Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, SF), United States of Asian America Festival (SF), Open Gate Music Series (Los Angeles), In the Flow Festival (Sacramento), Sonic Circuits Festival (Washington DC), and Fire Museum Presents (PA).

Superlith (Philadelphia) :

"Just when you think you’ve heard it all - literally - some really crafty cats come along and create sounds that hadn't quite been previously contemplated. A couple of such musicians from Philadelphia's fertile experimental music scene banded together to create some of this alien but strangely alluring noise. Trombonist Dan Blacksberg (Anthony Braxton Quartet, Archer Spade duo with Nick Millevoi) and transmuted Casio keyboard technician Julius Masri (Electric Simcha, Avant rock band LionsHead, Noise duo Chakra Khan/Air Pirates with Millevoi) pooled their vast experience working on the fringes of music to form a New Music duo called Superlith and recently came out with their first album, Plasma Cluster. (Public Eyesore/Eh? Records)

Each of these players brings a unique perspective to the table. Masri is a trained jazz drummer whose curiosity about electronic sounds became a passion that's led him to compose electronic music for choreography projects. For his part, Blacksberg sees no bounds in the sonorous possibilities of the trombone; he's a superb technician who wants to go beyond merely doing what's been done before and push the trombone into unfamiliar territory. On Plasma Cluster, he exploits the openings he sees to do so within the realm of electronic avant garde, and finds the complements to the buzzes, drones and chiming of Masri's circuit-bent machinery." - S. Victor Aaron/Something Else

George Korein & The Spleen (Philadelphia):

Great music is falling out of our pockets, rolling amidst branded napkins and fast-food containers. When the arcade claw crane drops down the uncovered drain, it never comes up with that great music which is never heard again. Great music becomes a currency of curios for deaf vermin in the sewers.

Great music is whistled by the tone deaf man who heard a tone deaf man whistle the tune he heard from the tone deaf man who heard a tone deaf man whistle the tune he heard from the tone deaf man who heard a tone deaf man whistle the tune he heard from a tone deaf woman humming "Ode to Joy".

Great music is played by a man drumming two bladed spatulas into the makings of a cheese steak on the grill.

Great music is at least 4 hours long and requires exhaustive explorations of melismatic iterations and invocations upon epithets until the singer falls asleep.

Good music is at least 20 years old, great music is at least 20 years into the future.

- George Korein

The Rotunda & Fire Museum Present:

Jeffrey Werbock

In a presentation of traditional Azerbaijani mugham music

Friday, October 2nd 7:30 PM
The Rotunda
4014 Walnut Street
Philadelphia, PA
Free (donations appreciated)

Jeffrey Werbock will give a presentation of traditional Azerbaijani mugham improvisations on various native stringed instruments. Mr. Werbock has been giving these presentations for nearly 40 years to audiences all over the world. His primary work is giving lecture demonstrations at colleges, universities, academies and museums, mainly in America and Europe. He has also given solo concerts in Azerbaijan, where he is widely known for his passionate love of their traditional music.


Mugham, an ancient Azerbaijani musical tradition with roots as far back as the Ancient Egyptians, is an elusive art within America. Possibly the first music in the world to have an open improvised form free of time signature, it is indispensable with regards to its influence on all types of music, from free jazz to world music to blues. It is important that this gem of Azerbaijani culture is exposed to new generations of open minded musicians and cultural connoisseurs alike so that the understanding of it's influence on modern music is not lost.

Jeffrey Werbock was born in Philadelphia in 1951. In 1971 he moved to Los Angeles, California and the following year he met an older man from Daghestan who played traditional Azerbaijani music on one of their native instruments, the kamancha. From the first moment of listening to this strange and ancient music, Jeffrey was completely enthralled. With the guidance of Mr. Avshalomov, he began to study the cultures and peoples of the Caucasus Mountains, with a strong emphasis on the traditional music of Azerbaijan. Only one year after they met, Jeffrey and his teacher moved to Brooklyn where they shared an apartment. After three years of intensive work together, Jeffrey moved to Manhattan in order to be closer to the center where world music began to acquire a following. Since then, he has given hundreds of concerts and lecture demonstrations at museums, colleges, universities and community concert venues in the United States, Europe and Azerbaijan.

Fire Museum Presents :

In The Sea with Tristan Honsinger

Dan Blacksberg/ Heru Shabaka-ra/Connor Przybyszewski

Sunday, October 4th 8:00 PM
The Rotunda
4014 Walnut Street
Philadelphia, PA
Free (donations appreciated)

In The Sea featuring Tristin Honsinger (Montreal/Amsterdam) :

Tristan Honsinger started improvising in Montreal more than forty years ago, prior to his decisive move to Europe, where he's been at the centre of improvised music activity ever since. So this group represents an oblique sort of homecoming, as well as an introduction to some of this city's finest players today, some born after his departure in the seventies. Their rapport is obvious, the results a satisfying mixture of musical empathy and creative conflict. Tristan plays with characteristic daring from his reserves of readymade tune fragments and shards of poetry and into the protean unknown that is the foundation for the best group improvising. Josh Zubot, and Nicolas Caloia don't merely follow him there, but provoke him - and each other - in ways that are, by turns, subtle, assertive, and irreverent. A superb encounter.

Born in New England, the cellist Tristan Honsinger studied at the Peabody Conservatory in Baltimore. By the '70s, the Trans-American had moved to Amsterdam and formed the Instant Composers Pool with drummer Han Bennink and radical pianist Misha Mengelberg. With this avant-jazz group, his music transcended the classical conservatory background he had and he began to incorporate wild, free improvisation, jazz, and European folk music into his cannon, not to mention a kinship with Bertolt Brecht theatre, which would put an edge on performances and recordings that take on experimental strategies, some of which include what could be considered violent attacks on the instrument. Here he would find a kinship with Cecil Taylor, who also liked to make small explosions inside his piano. Honsinger worked with the great pianist in Europe, with Steve Lacy, Lol Coxhill, and Louis Moholo among them in the European free jazz community -- which, in the '70s, was thriving as far away as Florence, Italy. Honsinger found a home there in 1978 for a number of years. Working with the more extreme experimental Gruppo Du Improvisazione Nuovo Consonanza (Improvisational Group for New Consonance) members Giancarlo Schiaffini and Gianluigi Trovesi. Having worked with many groups and ad hoc improvisation setting through the years, interests in theatre, dance, and opera influenced his performances considerably. - Sylvie Harrison/All Music Guide

Dan Blacksberg/Heru Shabaka-ra/Connor Przybyszewski (Philadelphia) :

Debut of a new trio that formed in the aftermath of this summer's improvisational music festival The Spectrum - this double trombone and trumpet trio is sure to delight and astound given the vast and varied backgrounds of the performers (who have performed in Sun Ra Arkestra, Deveykus, Space Whale Orchestra and so much more!)

Fire Museum Presents :

Simone Weissenfels

Solo and group performance with

Keir Neuringer Ensemble

Saturday, October 17th 8:00 PM
House Gallery 1816
1816 Frankford Ave
Philadelphia, PA
$7-10 sliding scale

Simone Weissenfels (Leipzig, Germany) :

Simone Weissenfels has been active since the 1980s in experimental, jazz, and classical music circles. She is an improviser, composer, organizer, and educator who has worked throughout Europe, North America, and Asia. In addition to work with visual artists and actors Simone has performed with Gisela May, Uschi Bruning, Juini Booth, Marco Eneidi, Klaus Kugel, Elliott Levin, Jair-Rohm Parker Wells, Lol Coxhill, John Sinclair, Ian Smith, Adam Smith, Daniel Carter, Manfred Hering, and many others.

"This music is the best improvised piano I've heard (yet) this year... totally engaging and full of the muse... I give it a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, as well as making it the "PICK" of this issue for "best improvised piano work." - Dick Metcalf/Improvijazzation Nation

Keir Neuringer Ensemble (Philadelphia) :

Keir Neuringer is a Philadelphia-based saxophonist and composer whose work is underpinned by interdisciplinary approaches and socio-political contextualizations. He is best known for a personal and intensely physical saxophone technique, revealed through long form solo improvisations, as well as collaborations with a multitude of world-renowned and underground practitioners in jazz, avant-garde, noise, classical, theater, and dance disciplines. He has travelled extensively to present his work, appeared on numerous festival stages, and given workshops throughout Europe and North America. In addition to the saxophone, he plays analogue electronics and Farfisa organ, and sings and narrates text. He trained as a composer and saxophonist in the US, spent two years on a Fulbright research grant in Krakow, and then moved to The Hague, where he lived for eight years, curating performative audiovisual art and earning a masters degree from the experimental ArtScience Institute. Originally from New York State, he settled in West Philadelphia in 2012, where he lives with his family and is a member of the Books Through Bars collective.

Fire Museum Presents :

Lina Allemano Four

Bonnie Kane/Dave Miller duo

Sunday, October 18th 8:00 PM
House Gallery 1816
1816 Frankford Ave
Philadelphia, PA
$7-10 sliding scale

Lina Allemano Four (Toronto) :

Lina Allemano trumpet
Brodie West alto saxophone
Andrew Downing double bass
Nick Fraser drums

Canadian trumpeter Lina Allemano is quickly emerging as "one of the most exciting new voices of the last few years" [Point of Departure] and was named one of DownBeat Magazine's top innovative trumpeters for the future. Hailed as one of Canada's leading avant-garde/free-jazz bands, her band LINA ALLEMANO FOUR is known internationally for their inventiveness, playfulness, and synergy as they deftly blur the line between composition and improvisation. The band has been touring extensively for the past 10 years all across Europe, USA and Canada. Their music has been described as abstract melodicism, combining lush colours with dense free-flowing rhythmic textures. "Lina Allemano and her band have created an eclectic sound that makes its own synthesis of tradition and avant-garde, of structure and freedom, of clever composition and emotional depth, of abstraction and warmth... beautiful and moving and fun." (The Free Jazz Collective, Belgium). The band's 4th internationally-acclaimed album, Live at the Tranzac, has been receiving very favourable attention from reviewers internationally, making a splash particularly in Europe and USA. The band tours USA in Oct 2015 on their 10th Year Anniversary Tour!

Bonnie Kane/Dave Miller duo (Philadelphia/NYC) :

Bonnie Kane (sax/flute/electronics) "I view my work as part of the next generation of the avant-garde - or at least, an evolutionary branch - formed from equal exposure to the avant-garde, hard core and the psychedelic: listening to Albert Ayler, Sun Ra, and Captain Beefheart, while simultaneously going to Butthole Surfers and Dead Kennedys shows; opening for White Zombie, The Boredoms, and Nik Turner, and playing the Improvised and Otherwise, What is Jazz, Brno and No Jazz Festivals. I can present my work to you as noise, free jazz, psych rock, free improv, jam band, bio-composition - along with a bunch of other labels as needed. Pure this or that? No."

Dave Miller is a drummer, improviser, educator and composer residing in New York City. A product of the 80’s born on inauguration day, raised in "the Jewel of the Prairie" a.k.a. Grinnell, Iowa. Academically educated at Grinnell College, The University of North Texas and William Paterson University (BA Jazz Drums Performance cum laude 2007).He is currently on the faculty of The Music shop in Boonton, New Jersey. He has played with Daniel Carter, Giuseppi Logan, Ras Moshe & others, his ongoing projects include Pet Bottle Ningen, Word Games & Fire Maidens From Outer Space.


10/27 - Barre Phillips, Jacques Demierre & Urs Leimgruber + Matt Weston @ The Rotunda
11/5 - Secret Keeper (Mary Halvorson & Stephan Crump) @ House Gallery 1816
11/10 - /// "veRmulsCHt": @ Aux/Vox Populi
11/21 - Amirtha Kidambi's ElderOnes @ Aux/Vox Populi

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