Asha for Education
An action group for basic education in India.
Blueberry Buddha Recodings
Go here to pick up a copy of the excellent Mandalay Marionette Music.
Companion Records
Wonderful outpost for Outsider music.
Electro Motive Records
Our Co-Conspirators in releasing Azadi! Home of Mono Pause, Porest & More.
Fire Museum Records Videos Page
Videos of Fire Museum Recording artists and more.
Kwisp - Teriyaki Vest Odyssey
Music for Massless Forms on homebuilt and exotic instruments with dashes of DaDa, wacko psychedelia, surrealism & experimental explorations....
Mandragora Records
Home of Pure Psychedelic Noise Occult Experimental Music.
Pax Recordings
Great S.F. based creative/improvised music label.
New Label for adventurous and out there sounds.
Sublime Frequencies
Incredible series of field recordings, radio transmissions, international folk and pop music and other forms of human and natural expression.
Turns off virtually any television. From the minds at Cornfield Electronics.
The Wire
Adventures in Modern Music - Monthly Experimental/Independent Music Publication.